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Nintendo DS/3DS Mail Order Repair Service

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How It Works

1. Submit this form and purchase your return shipping.
2. Send your console to the address in the confirmation email.
3. Once recieved, your console will be diagnosed and an invoice sent.
4. After payment, the repair will be made and your console shipped back.

How long will it take?Once your console has arrived and the invoice has been paid, your console will be repaired and shipped back within three days (one day in most instances).
Repairing multiple consoles?Your request is good for any two consoles. More than two may incur additional return shipping charges.
What if it can't be repaired?Your console will be returned to you and your return shipping payment will also be refunded.

That's it! Your repair is guaranteedIf the console encounters a hardware related problem, it may be returned within 90 days and repaired free of cost granted the warranty seal is not broken. This warranty does not cover drops, scratches, water damage, broken hinges, or any other damage resulting from abuse or accident. for 90 days!

Estimated Repair Cost

Symptom DS Lite DSi DSi XL 3DS 3DS XL
Broken Top Screen $30 $30 $60 $35 $70
Broken Bottom Screen $15 $15 $40 $30 $60
Not Reading Games $30 $30 $40 $35 $55
Broken Charging Port $20 $20 $30 $30 $30
Broken Motherboard $40 $40 $60 $75 $80
Housing Replacement $40 $40 $60 $65 $70

Don't see your symptom here?Almost anything can be repaired, please Contact Us for estimates on specific repairs.

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